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Service Hotline:

0769-83561266 l Phone:13829133709

Jianmin Automation——Professional Automatic Screw Machine Equipment Manufacturer

Focus on the production of fully automatic screw machines and serve thousands of companies in total.



Strong corporate strength gives you confidence

  • Years of professionalismEngaged in the development and production of automatic screw machines, and established good cooperative relations with many large and medium-sized enterprises across the country.
  • Adhering to the concept of"design and manufacture" , constantly improving, insisting on high-quality operation and high-quality products



Mature solution, let you worry

  • According to your production requirements and product characteristicscustomized solutions, to solve all your concerns.
  • Jianmin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. production equipment and perfect management production line improve product inspection system and strict quality control system
  • Advanced production technology, advanced technology. Help you improve efficiency and reduce costs.



Stable equipment performance gives you peace of mind

  • Management of machinery and equipment. Machinery and equipment are the material conditions for enterprises to carry out production activities
  • As a production workshop manager, according to the complexity of equipment maintenance, we should customize the "equipment responsibility card" for each equipment and implement the responsibility of a special person. The company conducts on-site management inspections from time to time



Perfect after-sales service system, let you rest assured

  • Can enjoy free shipping, home installation and commissioning and operation training.
  • Affordable parts supply and quality maintenance services. Customer service 24 hours online service, solve all problems for you as soon as possible!



Thoughtful video service system

  • It is inconvenient to accept equipment on a long distance, you only need to provide a certain number of products and screws, we operate the equipment customized for you, and then ship after the real scene is satisfactory.
  • Problems encountered in maintenance, maintenance and operation need to be solved urgently. We provide professional videos.

About Us

Dongguan Jianmin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is a professional company integrating planning, design, development, production and sales of whole plant automation equipment. The main products are: automatic screw machine, platform screw machine, handheld screw machine, portable screw machine, screw machine feeder, non-standard screw machine, dispensing machine, soldering...

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